In-play (LIVE) betting odds and signals

Feeds Coverage

  • LIVE betting odds and signals of +10 sports.
  • Pitch related signals.
  • Betting markets and odds blocking and unblocking flags.
  • More than 10000 LIVE events monthly.

Configuration Options

  • LIVE betting odds and signals are delivered in XML and JSON formats.
  • Setting the individual payouts schemes over LIVE betting markets and odds.
  • User defined rounding and margins mecahnisms.
  • Dedicated web console for configuration settings.

Technical Features

  • Scalable solutions on highly available servers.
  • Maximum 2-3 seconds latency.
  • LIVE betting markets and odds are delivered through the streaming sockets.
  • Constantly updated datasets of countries, legues, teams and types of betting markets.
  • Availability of backup servers.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance.

Using in-play betting odds feeds you can get the instant updates of LIVE signals and betting odds of in-play (LIVE) matches. Live betting odds and signals should be processed programatically before they can be visualized or integrated into the sportsbook software.

Client software has to programatically subscribe to event(s), which are available int the list of the available LIVE events, and after successful subscription we transfer the instant changes of that event to the caller. There is practically no delay as we compile the live betting odds in more efficient way than the ordinary internet browsers do.
The communication is organized through the streaming sockets. The underlying live betting odds and signals are available in JSON and XML formats. With use of streaming sockets we significantly increase the effectiveness of the live betting odds and signals delivery.

The feeds of LIVE betting odds and real-time signals may be used for the following purposes:

  • Follow LIVE betting odds changes in the global market.
  • Use the signals and real-time betting odds to generate your own betting odds on LIVE events.

As an example you can see our trading software tools, which on the one hand is using the signals to generate betting odds, and on the other hand IS using the real-time betting odds to calibrate the mathematical engine with global betting odds during the in-play matches.